• Ministries


Altar Guild
Phyllis Edwards

Culinary Arts Ministry
Rev. Linda Oliver

Shirley Booker
Rev. Sharon Dennard

Front Office Ministry
Loren Briggs

Health & Wellness
Deacon Anne Germany

Men’s Fellowship
Rev. Walt Evans


Multi-Media Ministry
Min. Dwayne Fulton

Deacon Anne Germany

Quilting Ministry
Sandra German

Sharing & Caring
Deacon Kathy Hunt

Sign Language Ministry
Cema McHenry

Special Projects Ministry
Rev. Linda Oliver

Sunday School
Deacon Patrick Wilson

Usher Board
Joan Mitchell

Transportation Ministry

Wedding Ministry
Hazel Branche

Fine Arts Ministry
Min. Dwayne Fulton, Director

Mount Ararat Dance Ensemble
(MADE In His Image)
Keiha Drummond & Jeanean White

Majestic Praise (Mass Choir, 18 & Up)
Min. Dwayne Fulton

Praise Team
Rev. Trini Massie

Male Chrous
Tony Mitchell
Min. Dwayne Fulton

Youth Ministry
Ashley Smith and Amirah Hunt

Elev8 Children’s Choir
Eleven47 Teen Ministry
The Praise Band
Drama Team
The Mime Team
Children’s Dance
Teen’s Dance
The Sports Zone
Media Ministry (Youth Edition)
The Scribes
Girl Scouts Troop
SWAT Team Special Forces
Teen Small Groups
The Youth Café

New Disciples Ministry

Friend to Friend
Deacon Donnie Thompson

Hospitality/Visitor’s Ministry
Deacon Donnie Thompson

Next Level Cell Groups
Minister Tiffiany Chamberliss



July 27
SNL Service
July 27
SNL Service